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There are many advantages to renting, and many American find it appealing to rent. Whether you are new to renting or experienced with the process, it is always exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Once you are ready to search for your next apartment follow this easy-to-follow timeline to help make your new apartment search process just a little easier on you.

Before Moving Out:

120 days – When your lease expires is just as important as to the date you signed it. Open your calendar and start pondering your move out date according to the date and term of you lease. Simply your life with a game plan in place. Calculate your moving expenditures ands start saving now. You do not want to catch yourself in a financial bind.

90 days – Prepare your written move out notice, and put it where you can revisit it once you have secured your next apartment.

60-30 days – Call and schedule an appointment with a licensed apartment locator because they will be key in helping you find your next apartment, while saving your time and money.  Remember that most apartments become available 30-60 days before the date you are looking to move in, and if you want to have options then start searching earlier versus later. Be prepared when you meet with the apartment locator and have take your photo identification, proof of income and checkbook with you to the appointment. You want to be prepared to secure an apartment with a deposit if you find the one!

Once you have secured your next apartment through your apartment locator make sure not to forget to submit your written notice to move out to your current landlord.  Rest easy knowing you have secured a new home with the help of an expert.

30 days – Start packing your personal belonging because your move out date will be here before you know it! Book your moving company, and schedule any time off from work that you might need to move.

Moving can be a stressful time for many American, but with proper planning it does not have to be! Make sure to plan ahead, work with an apartment locator, and you’ll be enjoying your new #apartment home in no time!

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