Renting An Apartment With Others

Once you enter into a rental agreement with someone you both will share in the same legal responsibilities. Follow these 3 steps and help maintain those mundane details that can make or break a living situation.

Step 1: Don't be the sole account holder. Try not to put your name on all of the accounts because then you are the only one who is legally responsible for the bills. If a roommate were to leave without paying then you'd be stuck holding the bill. Be as transparent as possible when it comes to money and divide up the bills and let everyone know ahead of time what is expected.

Step 2: Communication and set boundaries. Before you unpack sit down and talk it out with your roommates.  Set rules and consequences right from the start.

Discuss issues:

  • How rent and utilities will be paid.
  • Cleaning Up.
  • Food Sharing!
  • Loud Noise.
  • Living arrangements.

Step 3: Prepare for the worst-case. Be prepared with a plan incase one roommate decides to leave or worst, stops paying rent. Know your rental agreement inside and out. Plan how you will handle the worse-case scenarios such as roommate disagreements, long term guests, financial hardships. Remember you are legally bound to your roommate. You should take it serious when you are renting with roommates.

It is very common for two or more people to rent an apartment together in San Antonio and our licensed apartment locators are experts in helping roommates find a place together to call home. Contact San Antonio Apartments Now and let us help you make sure you are renting the right way with a roommate so that you are not the one left in the unfavorable situation in the end.

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