Just Add Holiday Charm

If you love the holiday decorating, but find yourself frustrated because as a renter you feel restricted in your holiday decorating then take a look at our apartment-friendly decor ideas. They are sure to bring anyone decorating an apartment this year some holiday cheer!

Decor Idea 1: Create a fake chimney.

Decor Idea 2: Use an alternative Christmas tree (If you celebrate Christmas).

Decor idea 3: Re-purose items you own.

Decor Idea 4: Incorporate non-traditional colors.

Decor Idea 5: Maximize your space and don't add items and create clutter.

Check out our Pinterest Board Apartment Holiday Decor for more in-expensive and gorgeous decorating ideas!

We feel that every apartment deserves to feel cozy and festive during the holidays! Contact San Antonio Apartments Now and let us help you find that perfect apartment space to decorate this season!

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Author Lisa Pegues
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