In A Apartment Far Far Away…

Whether you have a Jedi in training or just a fan who always wanted to create a Star Wars themed room in your apartment, now is the time with all the merchandise exploding from the soon to be released movie. Don’t know where to start? Check out these five simple renter-friendly decorating tips that are sure to put your interior design skills into hyperdrive.

Wall Art: You do not need to paint your walls to create a Star Wars inspired room. You also do not need to spend a lot of money on frames and artwork. Hang up a old movie poster, use wall decals, or other Star Wars inspired art prints. Remember to get creative in your decorating!

Floor Rugs: As a renter you have no control over the flooring in your apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the look and feel of your apartment. Take your living room to another galaxy with a simple Star Wars inspired area rug. Picking the right rug can make all the difference. Go simple or extravagant!

Display Your Collections: If you have any Star Wars memorabiliia take it out of storage and display it. Place small fragile pieces into shadow boxes to avoid damage. Every piece in your collection will tell something interesting about you, and that alone will make as a great conversation piece. Displaying your Star Wars collection will add to your Star Wars themed room and make for some great, personal apartment decor.

DIY: Pinterest is pouring over with great ideas for the DIYer in you! Check out our Pinterest page for more Star Wars apartment decorating ideas and create something original to your themed apartment.

Other Ideas: With the movie due out at Christmas, Star Wars merchandise is endless right now. Capitalize on that and create the perfect Star Wars inspired apartment. It can be as subtle as tossing a couple Star Wars inspired accent pillows on a sofa or a throw blanket over the foot of a bed. Even just trying to stick to fabrics in your bedroom that are blue,black,red, and grey, the Star Wars color schemes will work. Remember that your decor should always suit  your lifestyle!

There are so many fun and appealing Star Wars themed decorating ides on Pinterest that we just could not mention them all. Check out our Pinterest Star Wars Themed Apartment Decor Board for tons more ideas. Make sure to also follow us on Pinterest and get tons more apartment decorating ideas!

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May the Force Be In Your Room!

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