Holiday Organization In 12 Days

There is no wonder we get overwhelmed during November and December with all the events going on in our lives now a days.  It is impossible to keep up with the baking, card sending, office parties, shopping and decorating in just a short two month span. Many of us think that since 2015 is winding down so can our organization efforts and that is just not true. Infact we need to kick our project management skills into full force the last couple weeks of the calendar year. This simple 12-step process will help you organize your holidays so that you can enjoy a stress-free season this year!

Day 1: Countdown to the holidays. Mark important dates on a calendar!

Day 2: Take inventory of your belongings and what you will use this season. This list should include food, decor and even wardrobe.

Day 3: Make a List. Utilize organizational printables from our Home Organization board on Pinterest and prioritize exactly what you need.

Day 4: Shop. Take your list to the store with you to help you stay on track and budget. 

Day 5: Carve out a space in your apartment where you can gift-wrap and organize all your holiday plans. Check out some apartment-friendly ideas on our Home Organization board on Pinterest.

Day 6: Knock out all the holiday cards you are going to send in just one day so you can go back to all your other duties. Remember they don't have to be perfect!

Day 7: Decorate your apartment to your likes and taste! Check out some ideas on our Home Organization board on Pinterest.

Day 8: Dive into your wrapping station and have lots of fun doing it! Remember to remove price tags, include gift receipts, and label them as you wrap them up.

Day 9: Spend the day in your kitchen and create all your holiday goodies.

Day 10: Traditions! Make some!

Day 11: Leave a day to complete any last minute tasks. 

Day 12: Enjoy!

Good organizational skills during the holidays will help free up much needed time. It is also a great time to rent a new apartment and staying organized during your apartment search is just as important. Let us help you with finding a new home and keep your life a little more stress-free in the process. 

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Author Lisa Pegues
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