Your College Apartment Essentials Checklist

Moving out of your dorm is an exciting next step in adulthood, but with more freedom comes more responsibility. Before you go shopping, here’s our list of ten essentials necessary for you to survive in your first college apartment

The Bedroom: Where you will surf Facebook, pull the final exam all-nighter, and sleep the weekends away. Buy yourself 3 essential items and the rest of the luxury items can be collected over time.

1. Bedding that is comfortable and durable.

2. A lamp, preferably with an LED bulb.

3. A desk or table you can study on.

The Kitchen: The shared room where you and grilled cheese will soon become bffs.  

1. A trash can that can hold standard trash bags. 

2. A table or just chairs if you have a breakfast counter. 

3. Silverware and plates.  

The Bathroom: A room you will find yourself practicing your presentation. 

1. A few towels. 

2. Toilet paper and plenty. 

3. Soap 

4. Shower curtain, if needed. 

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