The Best Apartment Cleaning Hacks

Do you ever feel that your chores are never ending?  Don’t spend all your time cleaning, but enjoying your new home. Here are 3 cleaning hacks that are sure to make cleaning easier for you and have your apartment sparkling in no time!


Buy plenty of plastic wraps.For easy cleanup, line shelves in your apartment with plastic wrap – pantry and refrigerator.When things get really gross, or it is time to clean out the fridge just rip out the plastic and toss! Doesn’t get any easier than that!


Make friends with dryer sheets. Dryer sheets can keep unwanted smells out of your apartment by lining your trash can or air-vent with a dryer sheet.  Never light a candle again to ward off unwanted smells.

Keep costs to a minimal.The costs of cleaning products can really add up. You need one product to help you clean up microwave explosions, another to clean your dishes, and the list goes on.

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Author Lisa Pegues
San Antonio Apartments Now


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