Renting A Utilities Included Apartment

As a renter one of your higher monthly costs is usually the rent. It is also not the only bill you are probably paying with your rent. With everything costing more today, it is always important to save any money when you can. Utilities included apartments are very enticing to those renters on a budget. If you are on the apartment hunt then it is important that you understand exactly what utilities included means to you as a tenant.

Utilities Included: Another term for all bills paid.  It means all or most of utilities are included in the rent. If an apartment advertises “all bills paid” or “utilities included” then it means that utilities such as water, sewer, trash, and electricity are included with the rent (but it does not mean they are all included).

Renting a “utilities included” apartment can mean that there is only one bill for the tenant. Your utilities are not paid to the utility company, but to your landlord instead. This can be beneficial to you as a renter if you have any unresolved issues with your current utility provider.

You should read your lease carefully to see what utilities are included. It will all be detailed out in the agreement you sign with your landlord. Typically, garbage and water are included but it is not always the case. Remember every apartment community is different.

What are your thoughts on apartments that cover all the utilities?  We’d love you to weigh in below!

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