Renter Insurance – Check Yes Or No?

Just because homeowners are twice as likely to purchase insurance versus the average renter does not mean you have to be a statistic.  While it is important that you protect your personal belongings, we also understand that all the legal jargon can be a huge turn off.  Here are 2 of the most common misconceptions about renters insurance. Get it now and save yourself later!

#1: I do not need it because my landlord is insured and I am protected.  

Your landlords policy will only cover him and his building for the structural damage – not to your personal belongings! 

#2: I do not own enough stuff so why pay for it.

Much to your surprise, you can get renters insurance for less than the cost of having pizza delivered to your each month. It might not seem like you own a lot of stuff, but the average 2 bedroom renter has around $30,000 worth of stuff!

Many renters are left uninsured even though renters insurance is affordable! Apartments Now can help guide you through the entire process – from apartment search to renters insurance.  Give our apartment finders a call anklet us help you find the perfect place to call home!

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Author Lisa Pegues
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