Organizational Tips For Your Closet

Time to welcome Spring and dig around your closet to make sure shorts are not mixed in with winter jackets. If you've found yourself dreading this task, then this blog post is for you. We understand that it is no easy task, and are here to share 3 smart tips on how you can keep your winter wear so fresh and so clean and so organized.  

Create A Color Code System: Make it easy on the eyes and sort your season out by color. Try to stay away from vacuum sealed bags and they do not let some fabrics breath and look at purchasing different color plastic containers. Based on your allowed space decide how to store it all away!

Purge vs. Keep: Take everything you own out and for it by season. Then decide what you did not wear and want to purge and what is worth keeping. Remember space in your closet is like "prime real estate" so do not let clutter invade your space. 

To Hang or To Fold: Pay close attention to the fabrics in your wardrobe. Some fabrics will only stretch if you hang them too long while others need to be hung up. You want your clothing to last so take proper care of it!

Organizing your closet does not have to be overwhelming and neither does looking for a place to call home! Our apartment finders are experts in working with renters who need to get the most out of their closet space, while also staying on budget. Call Apartments Now today and let us help you find a place to call home!

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