Make the Most of Your Space

Are you always looking for new ways to organize your apartment and maximize space? These five valuable tips will help make the most out of creating the perfect space, and leave your apartment feeling more spacious.

Tip #1   Corners are often overlooked. They are a great place to create a study cubby or workstation. Make the most of your apartment and utilize a boring hallway or odd space.

Tip #2   Figure out what your apartment needs and then try to utilize items you already own. Your pocketbook will thank you!

Tip #3   Hanging artwork or mirrors can make your apartment look more expansive than it actually is. Add shelves and build upwards if you need more storage.  Just be careful not to over do it!

Tip #4   Huggable hangers and vacuum-sealed bags are perfect for the clutter prone. Invest in things that will help you create space in your apartment. Your apartment will feel more attractive once you have a place for all of your belongings.

Tip #5   Add color to your living space. Brighten up boring apartment walls with curtains or add colorful throw pillows to your sofa. Don't be scared to play with color, especially if it is not permanent. Make the space yours.

Need more ideas? Check out a couple of our favorite ideas on our Pinterest board Maximize Your Space.

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