Lightings Tips That Will Brighten Up Your Apartment

Having good lighting in your apartment will not only help you to see better, but also help in creating a sense of comfort and security in your home. Take a look at some of our best tips on how to brighten up your apartment, and never be left in the dark again!

Mix up your lighting sources. Set up multiple lighting sources in your apartment. One overhead ceiling light is just not enough. It is simple, inexpensive, and as easy as adding a table lamp, string of lights, or just a couple of candles to the room.  Add some drama to a room and focus the secondary lighting around a focal point you want to highlight in your apartment.

Position the mirrors. Hang your mirrors across from a natural lighting sources in your apartment to create the illusion of more light. Be strategic in your placement.

Energy Efficient Bulbs. They will help provide more light in the room while also saving your money. Save the earth while saving money!

Neutral Color Walls. If you have neutral color walls in your apartment then start thanking your landlord! Light color walls help reflect light much better than darker colors, therefore helping to brighten up a room.

Eliminate curtains. Most curtains will only omit natural light. Blinds are often a better choice since they still provide privacy while letting natural light into the room during the day.

Just as lighting should complement your lifestyle, we feel that an apartment should also match your lifestyle. Contact San Antonio Apartments Now and let a licensed apartment locator guide you towards the right apartment that suits your needs and is designed to meet your lifestyle!

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