Kitchen Improvements For Renters

As a renter you are limited to permanent upgrades, but that should not stop you from making an apartment kitchen yours. Here are several temporary and budget-friendly kitchen improvements to help you claim your kitchen!

Add a mirror. If you do not have a window over the kitchen sink then add a mirror there instead. Mirrors help brighten the room since they bounce off light and they make the room feel larger. It is an inexpensive improvement that will make a huge impact.

Add under cabinet lighting. If you have a small apartment with no natural light, it is vital that you add under cabinet lighting in your kitchen. It will brighten up the space while making your cooking station more productive. Look for battery operated, click and stick under cabinet lighting and avoid the hassles of cords.

Add a removable backsplash. Get creative and add a blackspash that you love! Utilize removable materials such as contact paper, vinyl, peel and stick tiles or even placemats.  Remember that any changes you make must be put back in original condition. Check out our Pinterest board Kitchen Improvements for plenty of ideas on non-permanent kitchen backsplashes that are sure to wow you!

Add a rug. Hate your flooring? When replacing the floor is not an option then add a rug. Make sure it is low-pile and machine washable to avoid it catching dirt and food!

Add additional storage solutions. If your kitchen lacks useable space in your kitchen then create additional storage solutions. Add accessible storage such as a wall-mounted magnetic strip and shelving to hang your pots and pans. If you still need more counter space then invest in a rolling cart. Check out our Kitchen Improvements board for more temporary solutions.

The kitchen should be a place you love, not a place you tolerate. Our expert apartment finders work daily with renters and know which upgrades will not upset you potential landlord! Contact us if you are ready to begin your own apartment-friendly kitchen renovation, and let us help with the apartment search!

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