Creating A Hanging Gallery In Your Apartment

Are your apartment walls unfriendly to nails? If so here are 3 ways to help you transform your space, minus the holes in the walls!

Oversized: Bigger is sometimes better. Buying an oversized piece of artwork that you can place on a dresser or the floor will transform the look and feel to a room. 

Get creative: Use an existing piece of furniture you already own and transform it into a bookshelf. 

Add to walls: Use the infamous wasabi tape and hang your prints directly up with command hooks directly to your walls. #apartmentfriendlytip

Decorating your apartment walls does not have to feel overwhelming, nor does looking for a place to call home. Contact Apartments Now #apartmentfinders and let them help you find the perfect apartment for you and your budget!

Posted in San Antonio

Author Lisa Pegues
San Antonio Apartments Now


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