Create Privacy Even In An Apartment

More and more renters are spending time at home and therefore making sure you have all the privacy you require is important especially in an apartment.  To help you maintain privacy at your apartment home here are a couple tricks we have found extremely helpful!

Arrange your furniture sot act you have more "private space". This means face couches away from windows and keep lights off at night. 

Cover up your windows with curtains or blinds. Get creative and add planters or window boxes.  Both will add security and privacy!

Shield out the outdoors on your balcony with an umbrella or screen. Drown out any road or neighbor noise with a small water fountain on your patio too. 

Apartment Now understands how important privacy can be living in an apartment. Give Apartments Now a call and let us help you find the perfect apartment of you and your budget!

Posted in San Antonio

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