Apartment Dweller Garden Tips

As people continue to choose apartment living, there is nothing more satisfying than bring the outdoors inside. Since there are many benefits to apartment gardening here are our top 4 tips for even the smallest apartment balcony.

Don't Forget Your Vertical Space

Living in an apartment might make you short on space, but get creative with containers and use all of your vertical space. Hang a basket or use multi-level plant stands to help put up green in your space.

Low Maintenance

Not sure where to start, well start with little to low maintenance plants such as succulents.  They require less from the busy apartment dweller.


Don't spend a lot and recycle old containers in your home. Use old coffee cans or mason jars and we guarantee it will bring some personality to your space!

Need more ideas? Check out our Garden Pinterest Board!

Renting an apartment should not prevent you from trying out our green thumb. Our apartment finders are experts in working with renters who love to garden and can help you and your plants find the perfect place to call home! Call Apartments Now today!

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