A Simple 4 Step Process: To A Clutter-Free Apartment

Learn how to be selective about what items are filling up your livable space with this simple 4-step process to help lessen the clutter in your apartment home.

Step 1: Learn how to break it down

It might sound a little overwhelming that I am asking you to organize your entire life belongings, but it doesn't have to happen in one day. You've already convinced yourself that what you own is enough, now draw up a plan of how you are going to attack the apartment clutter.  Whether you decide on 1 hour or 1 day at a time, don't try to be superman and burn yourself out.

Step 2: Set up an area for the purge

By cutting clutter out of your apartment, you will ultimately highlight what matters most to you. Items that are current and useful keep. If you don't use it, then lose it! Set aside an area and make a purge pile and a donate/sell pile and get started.

Step 3: Get a storage solution

Clutter attracts more clutter, therefore you must learn how to manage the clutter in the first place. Once you have purged then your next step is focus on organization. Carefully fold clothing and organize the shelves in the closet. Set up simple storage solutions in key areas of your apartment to help you stay organized and clutter-free. Check out some of our favorite storage solutions on our Pinterest board.

Step 4: Maintain your home

Just 10 minutes a day can keep all the clutter away! Clutter has a way of creeping back into your life, so don't sit back and leave it until next time. You must decide now that you are going to keep up with the organization in your home. Trust me the reward of a pleasing living environment will be worth it!

If after you cut the clutter out of your apartment you decide that you want a larger or even smaller apartment then let us helpWe can help eliminate all the chaos that comes with the apartment search process, leaving you more time to focus on selecting what items should be filling up your livable space.

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Author Lisa Pegues
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