Small Space Living With Children

Now a days it has become a lot more hectic to maintain an organized home, especially if you have children. No matter the size of your apartment, here are three simple strategies to help you banish the clutter and organize your whole family.

Make It Kid Friendly: Design your apartment so that it is kid friendly and have fun with them doing it. Buy darker furniture to help hide those accidental spills and stains that children often have. Keep them from writing on the walls when they are young by creating a chalkboard wall they can use instead. Try creating a space for them in your living room or on a patio with their outdoor toys so they have a place to play. Even in a small apartment you can make a space kid-friendly!

Pace Yourself: You want to remain present with your children so take your time organizing your home. Do not expect for it to all happen overnight, build organization into your home slowly.  Do not set high expectations because let's face it your home is not going to look like those in the catalogs, especially if you have a small space and children.Eliminate items you do not need first, then figure out how to organize your keep pile. As long as you start eliminating chaos in your life and clutter is diminishing, then you should be happy!

Find A Place For It: Everything in your home should have a place. If it does not then set up an organizational solution for it.  Baskets are a great way to store items away in a living room, they hide toys especially well. Your apartment life will be so much easier when all your children's stuff has a place to call home. If you are short on closet space, then purchase an organizer and simplify clean up. Create smart tricks to help you maintain the organization. Make sure to check out our Pinterest board for more kid-friendly organizational ideas.

A Family Affair: Include your entire family into your home organization plan. It teaches your children about responsibility, and sets a good example. Children love to be included, and it is a good for them to know what they own and where it belongs in their home. I think you'll be surprised just how much you're kids will love working with you on this project!

Create A Routine: The only way to maintain home organization is to set up a routine schedule and maintain it all year long. Taking part in chores is a tradition in many families, and kids can learn a great lesson from helping keep the home organized. Set a family plan for household organization and stick to it!

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