When Your Landlord Lives Next Door

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When your #landlord is also a neighbor, things can be tricky.  Sure, it's convenient when something needs to be fixed, but it can also feel like they are constantly watching you to see how you care for their property.  MSN Real Estate helps you weigh the pros and cons of having a landlord nearby.

A nearby landlord will probably be more responsive to repair or maintenance requests because they live close and see you daily.  It's also more convenient for them because they don't have far to go.  On the flip side, they still need to give you a 24 hour notice to enter your apartment and it's obtrusive for the tenant to always make requests by knocking on the landlord's door rather than calling or emailing.

Another danger of living in close proximity with your landlord is becoming friends.  While it can be fun to add friends to your circle, and it's convenient for them to live close, it is also not advised because it can complicate the business relationship already in place.  

If your noisy neighbor also happens to be your landlord, who do you complain to?  Also, what if your landlord starts to get inappropriate with you?  There are more important questions to ask and solutions at the MSN article.

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