Tips for Sharing a Small Apartment with Another Person

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Sharing a small space with a romantic partner or a roommate has a different set of requirements than living by yourself in a tiny apartment.  Apartment Therapy helps you keep the peace.

Before you move in, make a list of furniture that each inhabitant has and decide what from each household you will be using in your new apartment.  Then create a furniture plan so you know exactly where every piece that will be kept will go.  Don't try to cram everything in, be honest about what fits and is needed and what needs to find a new home.

Use space maximizing tricks like mirrors, lights, and light colors to trick the eye into thinking your space is bigger than it actually is.  Also, storage space will be at a premium.  Be willing to look for extra nooks and crannies like over the doors, under cabinets, above cabinets, etc.  You also may have to share storage spaces, so share nicely.

You've cut down your furniture, now cut down your collections or think creatively about displaying them so you don't take over your roomie/partner's space.  You may love all those Precious Moments figurines, but odds are your boyfriend doesn't want to stare at them every day.

Acknowledge whether your space is too small for guests.  Sure you might be fine having your best friend share a cramped space, but odds are your roommate might not feel as comfortable.  

Think about visual ways to separate your space like large plants, bookshelves, and curtains, which can add at least the feeling of privacy to your apartment.

In a small space, it's imperative to keep things neat.  There's nowhere to hide from the clutter!  Set up a cleaning plan both inhabitants can stick to.  

Speaking of clutter, keep your everyday stuff organized.  It might not be a big deal when you're living alone to dump all your stuff as soon as you walk in the door, but it can drive your roommate crazy.

Finally, find a nice place you can escape to in your city when you need to be alone.  A coffee shop, a library, or a park are all great destinations when you need to get out and away from your small space.

Ready to find an apartment you and your loved one or roommate can agree on?  Give Apartment Experts San Marcos a call today at 512-805-0123.

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