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First Time Renters need a little extra help.  With Garden Communities of Florida's tips for first time apartment renters, you can take the stress out of striking out on your own for the first time.

Do your groundwork first via the internet to figure out where you want to live and check out reviews and videos of prospective apartment complexes.  Better yet, use an apartment locator who will have video, pictures, and in-depth information on apartment complexes at their fingertips.  

Check your credit report to make sure that a bad credit score won't keep you from getting the apartment you want.  Landlords always pull your credit report, so knowing in advance exactly what they're going to see will prevent surprises down the road.  

The next step will be selecting your budget.  In general, your rent should be no more than a third of your monthly salary.  Be sure to plan for food, bills and utility costs too!

Limit your search to your desired area to keep your hunt from becoming too overwhelming.

Talk to your future neighbors before you move in to make sure that they like the complex and that you'll be able to live trouble-free next to them.

Read your leasing agreement thoroughly so you know exactly what you are getting into.  Pay special attention to due dates for rent and the specifics of when late penalties will be applied, what utilities are included in rent, and what changes you can make to the appearance of your apartment.  You also need to make sure you get a copy of the signed, final contract and keep it with your important papers.

Plan for deposit amounts.  In addition to the apartment deposit, you may also have to pay a fee or deposit to get your utilities turned on.

Recruit friends and family to help move, but be prepared to hire movers if you can't get enough people on your moving date.  You should especially consider movers if you have any really heavy or fragile pieces that need to be moved.  If you need to furnish your new place on a small budget, check out resale and thrift shops for pieces that might need a little spiffing up to make them perfect for your new apartment, but won't cost much.

Buy renter's insurance so you are covered in case the unthinkable happens.  Whether a natural disaster or human error, insurance protects you.

Looking for help finding your first apartment?  Apartment Experts San Marcos can help with our expert knowledge of the vacancies, move-in specials and amenities at all the best San Marcos addresses.  Give us a call at 512-805-0123 today!

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