The Perfect Christmas Tree


A Plus Apartment Locators CardThe perfect Christmas Tree can be yours with these tips from Apartment Therapy and designer Sabrina Soto.  From where to place your ornaments, to how many lights to use, they've got you covered to make sure your apartment shines with the gorgeous splendor of your Christmas Tree.

For a stronger visual impact, place the largest, most striking ornaments near the trunk, and the smaller, less ornate ornaments closer to the outside of the tree.  The large ornaments will still be seen through pine needles and the branches are at their most sturdy where they meet the trunk.  Large ornaments also work well to cover any bare places in the tree.

Placing smaller ornaments towards the top of your tree and the bigger ones towards the bottom will trick the eye into thinking your tree is taller than it actually is.  Also, once again the more fragile branches tend to be at the top of the tree.  But don't be afraid to top off the tree with a big topper!

Another way to make your tree more interesting is to use a variety of shapes and textures.  Consider using white LED lights, which are super-bright, to catch every facet of your ornaments and make them shine even brighter.  Placing the shiny ornaments in close proximity to bulbs will give you the most impact.  Also, think about how many lights you should use.  A great rule of thumb is 150 lights per foot of tree.


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