Surviving Life in a Small Kitchen

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Small kitchens often come with #apartments, but you may find them easier to live with if you follow these suggestions from Apartment Therapy.

Hang anything and everything you possibly can.  You can use pegboards, pot racks, magnets, or the rail systems that IKEA sells.  Not only will your kitchen be neat, your tools will be easily accessible.

Use your oven to store pots, pans, cookie sheets, etc.  Just make sure you always remove everything before turning it on!

Use burner covers to turn your stove into additional counter space.  See here for a tutorial on making an elevated cutting board that works great on gas cooktops.

Shelves are a must in cabinets so you can get as much storage as possible out of every single nook and cranny.

Finally, get rid of those appliances that take up space but only have one purpose.  Go for multi-use appliances and get the most out of every thing in your kitchen!

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