STAAR Scores Won’t Count Towards Final Grade


A Plus Apartment Locators CardSTAAR scores won't count towards the final class grade of high schoolers this year, reports.  The announcement was made by Education Commissioner Michael Williams today at a school adminstrator's conference.  

The original plan was for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)'s score for students to be 15 percent of their final grade.  However, lawmakers filed bills this week that would change that requirement, by getting rid of it or allowing school districts to decide how much the test score will account for.  This reprieve relieves the pressure on students for the current year and gives lawmakers time to revisit the issue.

Parents and school districts balked at the requirement after the more difficult standardized tests were administered this past Spring, so the state allowed school districts to opt-out of it if they wanted to. 90 percent chose that option.   

The governor and other State House and Senate leaders requested Thursday that the Education Commissioner grant the deferral.  

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