Spring Cleaning Tricks

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If Spring Cleaning isn't your favorite chore, you're not alone!  Stop procrastinating and get down to business with Simon and Schuster's tips.  

Your first step is to come up with a plan of attack and set realistic goals for how much you can get done.  Make sure you build in a little extra time for the inevitable distractions.  

Check to be sure you have plenty of all the supplies you'll need, from cleaners to paper towels to organizational containers.

You shouldn't have to do it all by yourself!  Get everyone in the family to take on a chore, no matter how small they may be.  Even little kids can check to see that there are matching gloves and get rid of any that no longer fit or have no match.

Work on one area at a time before moving onto another area.  Otherwise you'll wind up with a bunch of half-cleaned, disorganized rooms and will feel nothing but frustration.

Use a bucket to take everything you'll need to clean from place to place with you.  That way you aren't running back and forth gathering up supplies like cleaning sprays, a sponge, a toothbrush, a scrub brush, and rags.

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