Setting up a Holiday Planning Notebook


Apartment Experts San Marcos CardA holiday planning notebook can help you stay organized and reduce your stress level, during this, the most joyous- and the busiest- time of the year. helps you learn how to set up a holiday planning notebook so you can be the host or hostess with the mostest!

To set up your holiday planning notebook, you will need a binder with pockets on the inside covers.  It should be sturdy and you can use a festive color such as red or green, but any color will do.  You also need at least ten dividers with pockets and a pen.  If you use a Christmas pen, everyone will know where it goes and you can keep it in the front pocket of the binder.

As for sections, your first section will be for calendars.  Any time you make a commitment, immediately write it down in the calendar so you don't wind up scheduling yourself to be in two places at once.  Next, you'll have your Christmas Card Lists.  Ideally, this will be organized on your computer and then printed and kept in the binder.  You may want to keep a copy of last year's card so you don't accidentally send the same one two years in a row.

Your third section is for Visiting where you keep all your travel plans, maps, directions and packing lists.  This is also a great place to hold on to things like a reminder to bring certain things when you visit certain relatives.  In the Parties and Entertaining divider, place anything that's pertinent to entertaining you will do during the holiday season.  Guest lists, menus, activity information and seating charts all belong here.

Menus and Recipes, Receipts, Gift Ideas and Gift Lists, Cleaning Schedules, Traditions, and Shopping Lists round out your binder.  Your final section will be for Budget, which is perhaps the most important section of all to ensure you have a Happy New Year and not just a Merry Christmas!

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