Roommate Etiquette: Noise

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Living with a #NoisyRoommate can make life miserable.  But you don't have to be stuck with permanent hearing loss.  Check out's tips for dealing with a #LoudRoommate and get some relief!

The first step is to tell your roommate calmly how you feel.  It's entirely possible that your roomie has no clue that they are being noisy.  Don't confront them when you are angry, express your feelings without being accusatory, and provide examples.

Establish "noise hours".  Make sure all roommates agree to them, even writing them down and signing an agreement if necessary.  

Talk to the people in the apartments around you.  If they are being bothered by the noise coming from your unit, then you have more evidence to present to your roommate.

Earplugs and white noise machines are a great way to drown out unwanted noise at night.  You can also download a white noise app on your phone.

If your roommate is still being loud, discuss their noisiness with them again.  Be assertive, but not angry.

If everything fails, you may have to find another living situation or ask your roommate to leave.  Be prepared for this unfortunate eventuality.

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