Reorganizing Your Fridge

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Reorganizing Your Fridge can not only make things easier to find, but can actually make you healthier and save you money because you don't waste food simply because you can't see it.'s guidelines will help you get your fridge organized!

Organize your food in your refrigerator by when it expires and throw foodstuffs away weekly.  In general, there is no reason to just keep piling on food or to keep leftovers for more than a couple of days.  Throw away the items that are expired or about to expire, once a week.  That way you can start each week anew, which is helpful if you are on a diet or just trying to make healthier food choices.

If you can't see your leftover food, you can't eat it.  So purchase good quality reusuable storage containers that are clear so you can see their contents.  Then label them with what's inside and the date.  Another great space saver is to store stuff in your freezer in ziplock bags or tupperware rather than the bulky boxes they came in.

Use your refrigerator the way it should be to make sure your foods stay at their freshest and tastiest as long as possible.  The deli drawer is the best place for meat since it is also the coldest place in your fridge.  Vegetables should be kept in the drawer with the highest humidity and eggs should be kept in an airtight egg bin or in the centermost area to avoid them absorbing odors.

Foods kept in the door of your refrigerator are subject to more changing temperatures because of the constant opening and closing of the door.  This can cause them to go bad faster than they would otherwise.  So keep that in mind when choosing what to put there.

There are many foods that are best kept out of the refrigerator.  Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, avocados, peaches and honey all shouldn't be refrigerated.  Bread, nut butters, bananas and apples don't need to be kept in the fridge, but can be.  

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