Renting with a Large Dog


Renting with a large dog can sometimes be frustrating on your own, but with a qualified apartment locator, we can help you find an apartment that will accept not only you, but your larger than norm furry friend.

Most apartment complexes consider a large dog to be any pet over 35 pounds, and many cap the size of dogs they allow at 70 pounds.  However, if you have a pet that is over 70 pounds, we can help you find an apartment complex that has no weight limit.   

If you do have a large dog, it won't affect the type of unit you're able to rent.  They won't make you rent a larger unit, or one on the first floor or anything like that.  Whether you have a small or a large dog, leash rules are the same.  Pets are required to be on a leash anywhere in the complex accept for a fenced-in designated pet park.

A few apartments even have little yards attached to the first floor units.  Rather than an enclosed porch, it's open to the yard.  That may make renting with a large dog a little easier, especially so the dog will have somewhere to go when you aren't home.

When you are looking for a place to rent with your pet, make sure you have access to your pet's vet records.  Many apartments want to see those because they will say exactly what breed your pet is.

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