Quick, Cheap Bedroom Makeover Ideas

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Want to makeover your bedroom this weekend without spending much dough?  Check out Good Housekeeping's suggestions for turning your bedroom into a relaxing hideaway.  

Remove all clutter and items that conflict with relaxation or romance, including the television.  If your space is small and you can't get rid of all the stuff, at least put it away in smart-looking containers.

Try switching up your bedding with either a new comforter or duvet cover, or maybe just a couple of new throw pillows if that's all your budget allows.  A reversible duvet cover allows even more flexibility!

Rearranging your furniture can give your room a whole new look for free.  Also, rotate and flip your mattress so it wears evenly.

A wall-mounted headboard is a cheap facsimile of the real thing and can be achieved with wall decals or paint and stencils.

Adding trim to your bedding or curtains can make your textiles super-unique for not much money.  The possibilities are endless!

A rug is a great way to introduce texture, color, and pattern into your bedroom.  Make sure it is large enough to fit under the bed and at least one other piece of furniture.

There are even more ideas on Good Housekeeping, including adding accents to dressers, replacing drawer handles, curtains, and more.  Be sure to check out all of them!

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