Questions to Ask When Renting an Apartment

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There are a lot of questions to ask when renting an apartment, especially if it's your first time.  However, even seasoned renters may not think to ask about some of the stuff on Huffington Post's comprehensive list of things you might not think about to ask when renting an apartment.

You might think your space is yours and you can whip out the brushes and lime green paint right away, but think again.  Most landlords won't allow you to paint, or at the very least, will require you to repaint the walls to the original color before you leave.  If you paint your walls a very dark color, covering them can be a nightmare.  So ask your landlord if it's okay to paint before visiting Home Depot.

While Fluffy or Mittens may be an integral part of your life, many landlords don't allow pets.  Be sure to ask if pets are allowed and what the pet deposit is.  You also may want to ask if visiting dogs are allowed, such as a friend who wants to visit with their dog or cat.

Ask your landlord about their overnight guest policy.  It's possible they will have a policy limiting the number of "guest nights" you can have per month.  You should also ask about the policy on parking for guests.  Many apartments have assigned spaces and you don't want your guest to have their car towed for parking in the wrong place.

What is the penalty is for ending your lease early?  If you think there's a chance you might have to move because of a job offer or transfer in another city, ask your landlord to include that a "buy out" option in your lease where you can move out with 30 days notice and pay an additional amount.  You can ask for any penalties and fees to be paid for by your new employer as part of your relocation package.  Be sure to get any deals you make with your landlord in writing.

Make sure you inquire about residential quiet hours and rules governing shared areas like the clubhouse, gym or pool.  Investigate whether there are any fees associated with using these amenities.  To make sure you are going to be happy in the community, ask for a copy of the rules before you even sign the application.  That way, if you feel like the guidelines won't work with your lifestyle, you can move onto another apartment complex.

Roommates are usually jointly responsible for the rent, unless you are in a roommate community where each room is leased separately.  Make sure to find out the rules for your lease and know that if your roommate doesn't come up with their half of the rent, you are still responsible for paying the entire amount.

Find out what all your move in costs will be.  Rent is just part of the equation and security deposits, one month's rent, and application fees can really add up.  Find out if your application fee is refundable if you aren't approved for an apartment.  Also, ask about utilities and what is covered by the apartment and what you will be responsible for.

Ask what you do if something needs to be fixed.  Who should you call and how quickly will it be fixed?

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