Moving Tips: Save on Cable, Internet and Phone Providers

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Moving cable, internet and phone service is already a hassle when you change apartments, but why not spend just a little more effort to get a better deal on service in your new place?  With Apartment Therapy's  tips, you can make sure you're getting the best deal on your service.  

There are sites where you can compare rates to see who has the lowest.  White Fence, My Rate Plan, and All Connect allow you to enter in an address and pick a service or group of services to find out what providers are available there and how much they cost.

Ask your current provider if you are in a minimum contract period. If you are, you may have to pay early termination fees.  If your current provider isn't available in your new area, you should be able to get out of your contract without penalties.  Also check and see if you'll have to sign a contract at your new apartment.  Another tip is to cancel your service with your existing company, then restart it at your new address under a roommate or spouse's name so you can take advantage of "new customer" deals.

When you are interviewing potential new providers, ask them if there is a minimum contract period tied to the rate they are offering you and if the rate will go up after an introductory period.  Find out what the rate will be AFTER the introductory period.

Finally, before you decide where to move, consider trying to find a place where you have your pick of several different providers.  If just one internet provider has a monopoly where you are moving, they will most likely charge more since they don't need to compete with other companies.

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