Moving Out of Your Dorm Room

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It's almost the end of the school year and for those college students living in the dorm, it's time to clear out dorm room and move home or maybe into your first #apartment.  Check out's tips to leave your room in top shape so you can get your deposit back.  

Your first step is to look at the rental contract or list of rules that you received when you first moved in.  Find out exactly what you are responsible for, which will mostly likely include having your room thoroughly cleaned and empty when you move out.  If you leave items behind or bags of trash, you may be charged extra cleaning costs, so be sure you follow the instructions to the letter.

If your dorm has common rooms like a kitchen or bathroom, confirm that you aren't also responsible for cleaning those.  If you have any fines or charges from earlier in the school year, pay them so you can get back your deposit.

Most residence halls require a final inspection.  Make sure you make an inspection appointment for a time that works with your finals and travel schedule.  Also, check the rules to see if your room needs to be completely empty before the inspection and make arrangements accordingly.

Find out where you need to turn in your keys; are they taken at the inspection or should you drop them off at the main office?  Also, what do you do with your trash or any items you don't want anymore and would like to donate?  Your dorm may make arrangements for an extra dumpster for moving days or have a way you can set items aside to be picked up by a charity.

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