Making your Rental your Own

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Customizing your rental space, whether it be an apartment or house, can go a long way towards making it feel like home.  Sure, you may have a lot of things you don't like to work with, but turn the negatives into positives with Apartment Therapy's advice.

Use modular furniture that can be moved around to fit into your space.  A flexible sectional that can be changed around from either a full sofa to a sofa and a loveseat or even chairs can be used in later apartments that might not have space for the original configuration.  If you have high ceilings, you can add lofted storage in places such as above your kitchen cabinets.

Wall-to-wall carpet can be a drag, especially if it's dingy or a color you don't like. But by placing area rugs over the carpet, you can distract the eye from the eyesore of carpeting.  If your space has unusual color choices like avocado green cabinets, work with it instead of against it.  By using coordinating colors, your 70's kitchen will look cool and pulled-together.

To make your apartment look sleeker, use one large wardrobe or bookshelf for storage and hide all the clutter behind closed doors.  Another way to personalize your rental is to hang artwork and photographs that are meaningful to you.  If you're worried about holes, you can either spackle and touch-up the paint when you move out or use picture hanging stripes that don't damage the walls.

If your landlord allows it, paint!  It will brighten up your house and make it feel more like yours.  If you aren't allowed to paint, use accessories and wall hangings to bring in color.  Dress your windows up while you're at it, covering or replacing ugly blinds with beautiful curtains.  Another way to make a difference is to replace those ugly standard issue ceiling lights with something you like, even if it's just paper shades from IKEA.  Be sure to keep the old lights in a safe place so they can go back up when you move.

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