Make-Ahead and Freeze Meals

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Making meals ahead and freezing them is a great idea so you'll have food on hand when those super-busy days strike and you have no time to feed yourself.  Now's a great time to think ahead, especially with the new school year upon us.  Make sure you won't come back to your apartment from studying with an empty stomach and no food to eat with the Kitchn's tips.

Soup is a great choice for a make-ahead and freeze meal.  It's easy to prepare in large quantities and heats up easily without losing any of the taste.  Casseroles are the classic comfort food that everyone thinks of when they think of a food that can be prepared in advance and enjoyed later.  Casseroles are made to feed a crowd, too!

Marinated or cooked chicken is also a great choice to store in the freezer to cook up quickly for a meal.  A simple overnight thaw in the fridge and you're ready for dinnertime with chicken to put on the grill, or if it's pre-cooked, directly into salads, soups or sandwiches.  Taco and burrito fillings are another great make-ahead option.  Just make a huge batch of your favorite taco filling, whether it's seasoned ground beef, turkey or chicken, carnitas, or pinto beans, freeze it, and when you're hungry, thaw and reheat it, then put out tortillas, taco shells, and chips and salsa and you are ready to go!

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