Looking for Apartments: Some Less Obvious Items to check

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Apartment Hunting can sometimes be overwhelming, but it's important to take your time so you make sure you don't wind up in a place you hate. The Fix Chicks have a few tips on not-so-obvious things to look for in your apartment search.

When looking at your apartment, try to check it out in the evenings when everyone's around, as well as during the day.  That way you can get a feel for what the neighborhood is like when the inhabitants are actually there.  How thick are the walls?  Can you hear the neighbors talking or opening their front door?  Can you hear the toilet flush and the pipes rattle when your neighbor does his business?

Notice the age of the appliances, make sure they all work correctly and that they are all there.  Make sure all the exterior doors are solid and open and close smoothly.  Check all the electrical switches to be sure they work correctly, the windows to be sure they open and close, and the faucets to make sure they are all in working order.  Be sure you can see through the peephole and that air doesn't leak around the doors and windows.  Otherwise, you could be in for big energy bills.  Also, check to be sure there are smoke alarms, and if not, write their installation into your rental contract.

As far as the complex, check for secured entrances, on-site laundry, number and location of dumpsters, high speed internet and cable services, and convenient sidewalks.  You should also ask what the pet policy is, even if you don't have pets, so you know what sorts of animals will be on the premises.  Other things that may seem fine, like a pool near your unit, can turn into a nuisance if people use it noisily at all hours of the day.

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