Living With a Small Bathroom

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Small bathrooms are often something renters are stuck with, but with Apartment Therapy's advice, you can make your small bathroom space as usable as possible!

Only keep the things that you absolutely need in the bathroom to get ready.  Store things that can be stored somewhere else, like jewelry and accessories, and possibly even make-up, in your bedroom or another appropriate place.  

Make sure all those things you need on a daily basis are easy to get to and organized.  Borrow organization ideas from the kitchen like hooks and magnetic strips, plus use containers with dividers to make sure you can find needed items quickly.

A lot of bathrooms have awful lighting, so make sure you supplement it with task lighting and use bulbs of the right wattage and color to make your bathroom (and you) look as great as possible.

Make your bathroom feel as large as possible by using smaller accessories, adding a larger mirror or additional mirrored surfaces to reflect light, and move the curtain rod so the shower curtain doesn't take up valuable extra space.  If you're able to paint, choosing the right color can also make the room seem larger.  

Go for comfort when outfitting a small bathroom to make it feel more luxurious.  A super plush floor mat, higher quality shower curtain, and big fluffy towels are all splurges that can make your room feel like a special retreat.  

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