Living with a Roommate Who Smokes

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If you live with a roommate that smokes, it's best to ban smoking indoors to avoid having your #apartment smell like an ashtray.  Even if both of you smoke, it may be a better decision to go ahead and keep the smoking outside.  Not convinced?  Check out eHow's article on some common rules around smoking.

Why should smoking be relegated to outside?  It can make allergies worse and the smell of cigarette smoke clings to furniture, carpets and even walls, and of course your clothes.  Those odors can be very difficult to remove when your lease is up and your landlord may even take the cost of odor removal out of your security deposit.  Need more justification?  Smoking inside is dangerous.  A cigarette that hasn't been extinguished completely can start a fire.  Set out up a nice outdoor smoking area and ask all roommates and guests to smoke there.

Despite the evidence, if you and your roommates still want to allow smoking inside, check your lease to be sure it isn't against the rules.  Take extreme caution to put out all smoking materials and never smoke in bed.  Let all guests know the rules too.

Finally, be open to changing your policy later.  If one of you quits, it's unlikely you will want to allow the other roommate to continue to smoke inside. 

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