Living Together: Creating a Cohabitation Agreement

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You've found that special someone and you've decided to take the plunge and rent an #apartment together.  Make sure you don't let the stars in your eyes blind you to the very practical complications of moving in together. walks you through the creation of a cohabitation agreement so both parties are protected if your relationship ends in tears rather than happily ever after.

If your new significant other is moving into your apartment or vice versa, you should add the new inhabitant to the lease.  Landlords can find you in breach of your lease agreement if you don't and you may find your lease terminated.  To protect yourself in case one of you moves out, add a clause to your cohabitation agreement stipulating who will stay in the apartment in the case of a breakup and give a grace period for removing the other partner from the lease.  Also stipulate that the partner who remains in the apartment will pay the full rent amount.

Ensure the safety of your belongings by either adding your partner to your renters insurance policy or making sure you each have your own policy.  If your partner doesn't have coverage or isn't on your policy, their belongings will not be covered in case of a loss.

Although it can be awkward, include in your cohabitation agreement a clear list of who owns what, especially large, expensive items like televisions, couches, etc.  Also, include who will take your pet in the case of a break-up.  It may be difficult, but it will make life a lot easier in case you find yourselves in an acrimonious breakup.

Another subject for the agreement is a list of who will pay for what items.  You can split 50/50 or have one take the electricity, while the other partner takes the cable, etc.  Just have a course of action in place to make sure even amounts are paid by both parties to prevent resentment.  

Now that you've got the paperwork out of the way, are you ready to tackle the fun part:  finding a new apartment for you and your significant other to make your own?  Give Apartment Experts San Marcos a call today at 512-805-0123 for help finding an apartment that meets all of both your needs!

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