Living Alone Without Feeling Lonely

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There are a lot of positive things to be said for living alone, but loneliness certainly isn't one of them.  Apartment Therapy has some tips for fighting off loneliness when you are the only inhabitant of your #apartment.

Don't become a recluse and physically hole yourself up in your apartment.  Make sure to say hello to your neighbors.  If you have an outdoor area, make it a welcoming place to spend time and observe the world around you.

There are lots of things you may enjoy doing that you can't do when you live with roommates or a significant other.  Celebrate those!  Whatever activity it is you love that you can't do around other people, take time for it and revel in it.

Pets are great companions, especially if you live alone.  Even if a dog or cat isn't possible, small pets like fish or even just putting bird feeders outside by a window can provide interaction with a living thing and prevent loneliness.

Inviting friends over is a great way to make you feel less alone.  It needn't be fancy, just hosting a game night or movie night is a low stress way to bring people into your home.

Fill your time with a new endeavor, whether it's trying a new recipe, playing an instrument, or learning to knit.  Whatever you choose, figuring out how to do something new is a great way to fill your time and prevent loneliness.

Figure out what bothers you about living alone and figure out ways to prevent it.  For example, if you feel sad when you get home from work or school because there's no one there to talk to about your day, arrange to call a friend and share your days or call your mom.  Does boredom result in loneliness?  Make sure you've got a hobby or a good book to sink into and take your mind off of being alone.

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