Learn About Winter Birds of the Hill Country


Apartment Experts San Marcos CardLearn about winter birds of the Hill Country at upcoming programs put on by the Cibolo Nature Center.  The San Marcos Record reports that you can learn about the birds often called "little brown birds" at the "Winter Sparrows and Wrens" workshop on the morning of November 10th.  Then you can put your newly learned skills to work helping the nature center do bird surveys.

The "Winter Sparrows and Wrens" workshop is for intermediate birders who would like to increase their skills at identifying winter sparrows and wrens in the field and has a classroom and hands-on component.  You can then put that knowledge to the test at the Cibolo Nature Center's Winter Prairie Bird Surveys that start December 2nd.  The workshop costs $20, $15 for CNC members and is free if you also sign up for the bird surveys.

No matter your birding level, you can join a free bird walk and monthly census at 8am November 17th.  You'll need to bring your binoculars and bird field guide to identify birds in the Cibolo's nature preserve, which has lots of different habitats.  Registration isn't required.

Winter Prairie Bird Surveys will be held from 9:30am-1pm at the CNC December 2nd, January 6th and February 3rd and at the Cibolo Preserve December 6th, January 10th and February 14th.  What a romantic way to spend Valentine's Day!  The surveys will discuss priority and indicator species that show the health of the grasslands as a habitat.  Long pants and closed-toes shoes should be worn to all events.

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