Last Minute New Year’s Eve Appetizers

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New Year's Eve can be a difficult event to make food for.  People are coming and going all evening, so it can be hard to plan.  Check out Apartment Therapy's tips for creating a food spread that will last into the new year.

As the first guests are ringing the doorbell, make fresh appetizers.  Keep it simple so you can make it quickly.

Other than this special made-as-you-arrive app, make the other nibbles in advance.  Look for food that will stay tasty even if made in advance.  Things like pretzel bites, pizza poppers, hot wings, and mini quiches all fit the bill.

Go for a huge spread of appetizers rather than a meal.  It's a much better choice for a come and go event. 

Make sure you put out the crowd pleasers that are also a cinch to make.  Things like popcorn with flavoring, bowls of nuts, and olives all feed a crowd for very little time investment.

Think about foods that you could eat throughout the week if you have leftovers.  Ingredients that pull double duty are a wise choice if you find that your guests aren't as hungry as you anticipated.

Finally, a great fall back is ordering a pizza.  Everyone loves pizza and will be happy to see it arrive.  Really!

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