How to Share With Roommates

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Sharing a space with roommates means you have to figure out how to negotiate whether food is shared, how you differentiate between each other's food, and what household goods are shared.  Read Apartment Therapy's tips and make sure you have good ground rules set for a successful roommate relationship.

Before you start living together, set out the ground rules for your relationship.  If you hate sharing, make sure your roommate is clear that your shampoo and your guacamole are off limits. An easy way to do this is to designate certain shelves for each person.

Label your stuff so that visitors know that the food they are eating doesn't belong to their friend, but to the roommate.  Labeling every single thing may foster some resentment, so proceed wisely.

Use tightly sealed containers for leftovers to avoid spills, a stinky fridge, and food going faster bad than you'd like.  No roommate wants to deal with someone else's smelly mess.

Make sure you fully close bottles, especially in the shower.  Otherwise, they could fall over and cause a huge mess for your roomie, plus waste a lot of your precious product.

Do you love reorganizing and cleaning?  Most roommates won't stop you, but make sure you ask permission before touching and moving your roommate's stuff.  

Finally, be respectful and clean up your mess!  Keep your portions of your #apartment clean and tidy and hopefully your roommate will respond in kind.

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