How to Get a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom

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Wish your bedroom was cleaner?  Follow Apartment Therapy's five tips to a cleaner bedroom and enjoy a more peaceful environment today and forever!

First of all, change your sheets.  Put some clean sheets on your bed and then make it up as soon as you get out of it every day.  Second, don't forget that everything has a home.  For a week, keep a list of every single thing that clutters up your room and then make it your goal to make a permanent home for those things.  

Surface clean your room at least once a week.  If you take just a few minutes on a regular basis, it won't take long to dust everything and clean mirrors.  If your pets share your room, be sure to clean up after them regularly as well, which probably means vacuuming and even vacuuming your bed if your dog shares it with you.  

Take to your closet and be ruthless about only keeping the things that you find yourself completely in love with.  If it doesn't fit, or you don't like it anymore, donate it to charity and make room for the stuff you do love. 

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