Finding the Perfect Roommate

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Time to #ChooseARoommate?  Don't rush into things!  Make sure you are prepared and pick a compatible #apartment mate with Life Edited's tips.

Try to start searching as soon as possible for a new roommate or you may wind up talking yourself into living with someone you wouldn't otherwise out of desperation.  As you are interviewing prospective roommates, ask about their habits to make sure they are compatible with yours and be brutally honest with yourself about whether their habits are something you can live with.

Pay close attention to details when you are speaking to them.  Trust your intuition and keep an eye out for things like a dirty apartment (if you are at their place) or them going on and on about an ex.  If you see more than a few things that make you uneasy, they'll probably get worse when you are living with someone.

Make sure you are compatible as far as cleaning habits.  A person who likes the apartment spotless will never be happy living with a slob and it's almost guaranteed to cause resentment.  The other huge thing roomies tend to fight over is money.  Make sure the other person has an income to cover bills and rent, and decide how or if you will split food and food costs.

If you're considering living with someone who is already a friend, be sure your friendship can survive the strain of being roommates before you sign that lease.  You don't want to destroy a friendship by living together.

Ready to find an apartment with a great roommate ready floorplan?  Life Edited recommends it to make sure both parties have autonomy and Apartment Experts San Marcos knows where the best roommate-friendly apartments are, so give us a call today at 512-805-0123!

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