Creating a Home Office for the Whole Family

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Creating a home office space is a must for many apartment-dwellers, either for them, for their children to do homework, or both.  If you have a small apartment, it can be even more difficult to carve out a space, but helps you create a home office no matter what your situation!

Your first decision will be where to put the office.  If you have a spare room, great, your decision has already been made!  But if you are like most people, you may need to squeeze a home office space into an existing room like the kitchen or family room.  This has the advantage that it's not separated from the rest of the house and that you can monitor kids' internet usage.  The downside is that you have little privacy and peace and quiet.

Another common space used for a home office is  a guest room. If you have to split your home office with a guest room, look for furniture that can serve two purposes, such as office armoires, or footstools with storage, as well as a fold-out couch that can be used as a bed.  Even an underused closet can be easily converted into an office space.

Once you've decided where your home office will be, it's time to design your work space.  At the least, it's best to have a comfortable chair and a closing door, although many small space dwellers don't even have the luxury of a door.  Some other things you might like are adequate lighting, a desk, and sufficient storage.

For your work surface, there are endless choices of desks, tables, secretaries, etc.  For your chair, be sure to choose something comfortable, preferably something with an adjustable seat and armrests.  Make a list of all the necessary items you need for your work, plan out where your electronics, lighting, and accessories will go, and get working!

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