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It's easy to be blinded to the negative when you're searching for a new #apartment.  Avoid a bad living situation with Apartment Therapy's tips.

Think about where your potential apartment is and how easy it is to get around at all hours.  Did you have to drive there or were you able to take public transportation?  Were there restaurants, bars, a grocery store?  Is it convenient to get in and out of?  Make sure you visit at least once during rush hour to see how hard it is to enter and exit the apartment community.  Also, take a look at what your potential unit is next to.  If there's a dumpster right outside, odds are you'll be woken up regularly earlier than you would like by trash trucks.

Investigate how well-kept the shared areas are, like hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms, etc.  It will give you an idea of whether your neighbors care about their environment and how good management is at upkeep.

Check your potential apartment carefully for signs of rodents or bugs, even if it means getting down on your hands and knees with a flashlight. Look for not only bugs, but evidence that they've been there.  Sure, you may look a little crazy to the leasing agent, but who cares if you avoid living in a pest-infested place?  

Make sure all the doors and windows work properly and have latches.  You also might want to investigate how well insulated they are against drafts to avoid high energy bills.

Give the plumbing a once over, turning on all the faucets, checking the shower to see how long the water takes to heat up and how good the water pressure is, and flushing the toilet.  Test the toilet shut off valve to be sure it works as well.  Ask questions about any clogged or slow draining sinks and have a look at the hot water heater if you can.  

Check electrical sockets to be sure they all work and there aren't any signs of bad wiring.  Also, make sure there are outlets in the rooms where you will be using them and GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Pay close attention to how noisy the unit is, closing your eyes and really focusing on the ambient noise level, especially in places where you need quiet like the bedroom and a home office.  If you can, investigate the noise level in the bedroom at night.   

Check both above your head, looking at the ceiling for any stains that might indicate leaks that haven't been repaired or cracks that could be a sign of a foundation issue.  Also, look for moisture or mold.  Look down at the floor for damage, loose boards, and tripping hazards.

Make a call on your cell phone to be sure you can get reception inside and check to see what internet providers service your new area.  

Finally, if you see a fellow resident, say hello and ask them how they feel about living there and the landlord.  While you needn't dismiss a place just because of their answer, it can be another item you take under advisement when making your decision.

A great apartment locator can make sure you look at all the details when apartment hunting.  Give San Marcos Apartment Experts a call today at 512-805-0123 to take advantage of our expert knowledge.

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