Budget Ways to Spruce Up Every Room

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Looking to spruce up your apartment for the holidays but saving all your money to lavish loved ones with gifts?  Check out Apartment Therapy's suggestions for inexpensive ways to add a little oomph to every room in your place!

In the living room, adding a large plant, specifically a tree, not only brings the outside in to your home, but it improves the air quality of your home.  Plus in the winter the greenness of your houseplant will distract you from the grey, brown hues outside.

Add a chair that doesn't match the rest of those at your table to your dining room to add instant pizzazz.  You could add just one, or two at either end of your table.  Don't just look for a chair that looks different, but one in a different style.  If your style is traditional, go with a modern chair, and if you have a very modern apartment, go with a traditional chair for contrast.

Bringing a rug into the kitchen is a great way to add color without painting or any other permanent changes that landlords don't allow.  It also adds texture, which any interior designer will tell you is every bit as important as color.  Choose one that can be easily vacuumed or an outdoor rug that can be washed.

You may not think of putting your highly valued art in the bathroom, but hanging a few pieces of art that isn't too precious monetarily can really make the space exciting.  Just don't be surprised if a bathroom line forms at parties while your guests linger checking it all out!

Think outside the standard box when it comes to a nightstand in your bedroom.  Just about anything with a flat surface can be used as a bedside table, from a trunk to wicker baskets, to stacks of books and magazines!  Think creatively and make your bedroom more creative too.

Finally, if you're allowed to paint your apartment, painting an accent wall in your entryway is a great way to welcome you home at the end of the day and a signal to friends that they are in for a fun, funky experience at your house!

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