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A day at the beach is always fun, but there are unique challenges that it presents.  Read on for's clever "hacks" that will make a day at the beach, well, a day at the beach!

Sand gets stuck to your skin and then tracked into your car and the place you're staying. Stop sand in its tracks by rubbing baby powder on your skin, which will make sand fall right off!

If you have really little children, watching them in the waves can be stressful.  Bring an inflatable baby pool so you can set them up next to your beach spot and keep an eye on the little ones easily.

Create your own cheap DIY sandcastle kit, using items you may already have around the house.  Buckets, paint spatulas, measuring cups, funnels, paintbrushes and flags are all you need for a day of sand castle building.

Freeze aloe vera in an ice cube tray and keep it on hand at your beach house or hotel room so you can soothe any sunburns when you return back to home base.

Flip flop blowout?  Don't want to cruise on back home like Jimmy Buffet?  Use a bread tie on the bottom of your shoe to keep the peg in place and keep on truckin'!

Keys always sink to the bottom of the beach bag, but attach them to the handle using a shower ring or carabiner and you'll never lose your keys again!

Popsicles are tasty but messy, especially for small children.  Catch the drips by sticking popsicles through a cupcake liner!

There are more oodles more helpful tips at, so be sure to check out the whole article!

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