Bad Multitasking Habits for College Students

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Multitasking sounds like a good idea, especially if you're a super busy college student, but reports on certain types of multitasking habits that are detrimental to your success.

Trying to get homework done while being social with friends will almost always backfire.  You will wind up talking to your friends more than studying.  You are much better off putting on some background music to help you focus, or studying with a friend who is similarly focused.

Multitasking with social media is another mistake many students make.  If you're supposed to be writing an essay for class, constantly checking Facebook and Twitter rather than focusing on your assignment almost guarantees you will continue to have a blank page.  If you want to use social media while doing schoolwork, try making it a reward for getting work done.

Surfing the web rather than listening to your professor in class is another bad multitasking move.  Rather than tune out your teacher, try using your laptop or paper and pen to take notes on what your professor is presenting.

Procrastination and multitasking can often look like the same thing, especially if you are switching back and forth from assignment to assignment.  Overwhelmed because you have so much to do?  Prioritize your assignments and complete one task before going on to the next.

The last "Multitasking Mistake" students make is getting drawn into other people's lives and drama.  If you are focused on studying or other tasks and a friend or significant other tries to get your attention, tell them that you don't feel like you can properly focus on them right now, but you'd love to see them when you're done with your current task and can focus entirely on them.

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